Monday, May 14, 2012

RFSC Wk 7 and GFCTC wk 5 Update

Hello Everyone, I hope all you moms out there had a great Mothers day.  I know I did.  We celebrated on Saturday because my husband had to work Sunday.  We bought me a dress, sweater, shirt and shoes for the new job.  We had lunch and went to see the Hunger Games too.  Yesterday was Church and relaxing.

My new job has kept me busy this last week and not allowed me to snack regularly like I have been in the few weeks prior to the new job.  I believe that is the reason I actually LOST weight this week.  Don't get me wrong, it's not like I was over snacking, but I was having a nut bar everyday which can pack on the calories pretty quickly.

Last Weight: 208.2
Current Weight: 206.6
Loss: 1.6

So, Wahoo, I actually lost this week.  Finally, past that slump.  I hope to continue downward now.  I ate a little to freely over the weekend, but I'm back on track now.

I ran/walked another 5k over the weekend.  The time was just over 43 minutes.  My next 5k will be the Shrinking Jeans Run the Hood virtual 5k on 5/28 and then we will do the Hero Rush 5k obstacle course on 6/30.  I really need to start working on my strength training for the obstacle course.  I am really lacking in upper body strength.


  1. Good for you seeing a lower number... I think there is a direct causation between abandoning that nut bar and that number going down. It's crazy how quickly those things add up and how not eating the 200 calorie bar (x7 = 1400 cal) just adds up and that's half a pound of calories that you're not eating!

  2. Yea for you and the weight loss!! Your 43 minutes is great for running/walking a 5k!

    I have not run since Saturday and am missing it! :)


  3. Well done on losing almost 2 lbs this week :)
    Good luck training for all your upcoming runs!