Sunday, October 30, 2011

CDCC Update Week 7

I'm a little ticked off today with my weight.  If you read my blog you will know that on Wednesday I showed a gain for Shrinkvivor.  That gain put me on Exile Island.  I knew that I was feeling bloated and the weight probably wasn't what it would have been otherwise.  So today I weigh and this is what I see:

Last Sunday: 228.8
Wednesday: 229.2
Today: 226.4

That's 2.4 pounds lost for the week and almost 3 since Wednesday. I didn't do mass exercise or eat perfect so what is with this up and down weight loss. I'm happy for the loss, but I'm ticked that I had to show a gain just days ago and be booted off to Exile Island.  I complained about the whole up and down weight thing last week and I guess that is my theme now.  As much as it stinks to go up at least I went back down.  I just need to get over it.

I am still trying to work my water in daily.  It continues to be a challenge. BUT I am doing much better than I used to with the water.

Food has been  decent considering I wen tot a birthday party and a Harvest Day at Church.  Yesterday I went to a girls third birthday party and I didn't eat any cake.  Okay I did take two tiny bites off my sons plate, but I didn't get my own piece.  I was very proud of myself.  Today was Harvest Day after Church and I had my portion, but didn't keep going back for more.  I did have a piece of dessert, but I didn't go back for more and more.  I had to consciously tell myself I didn't need it, I was satisfied and I didn't need any more.

My book is going fine.  I don't read every day, but I'm keeping up with it.  I'll try to post a few of the highlights soon.

Exercise is going well.  I only got in two runs this week.  The whole being dark until after 6am is really messing with my running.  I am looking forward to time change and it being light again in the mornings.  I don't like to go out when it's dark.  I did run this morning.  I ran for 25 minutes straight.  Total of about 35 minutes with the walking before and after.  I still can't believe I can run for that long.  My first official 5k with others is happening on Nov. 6th.  I know I won't run the whole thing without walking, but I'm excited.  My husband will be doing the 10k.  Should be fun.

I hope all of you have a great Halloween tomorrow.  Stay mindful of the amount of Candy you sneak from the kids. haha  Don't go overboard.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 4

This last week in Shrinkvivor wasn’t good.  I had that mini mid week vacation and I guess I ate a little too much not as good for me food.   Let’s be honest here, I did have an In N Out double double this week too.  I won’t be doing that again! I gained 1.2 pounds.  I feel bloated so I know that’s why there is a gain.  It sucks because I’ll probably go to Exile Island this week.  Two out of the four of us gained last week and we managed to not get booted to Exile Island, but now there are only three of us.  The team has a good chance of going there this week.  If the whole team doesn’t, I probably will.  I know one of the girls lost 4 pounds this week.  I haven’t heard from the other one yet.  I was doing really well too.  I hate bad weeks.  Even if I get booted to Exile Island I’m not going to give up on this challenge.  I still have weight to lose and I still have a chance to be the biggest loser on Exile Island.  I guess I will find out tomorrow.
I did manage to do 255 minutes worth of exercise this week.  That is my highest amount of minutes in this challenge so far.  Next week we are counting minutes once again. Our mini challenge is to stay away from the candy.  Halloween candy will be everywhere in the next week and I must use my willpower. 
I hope by Sunday’s CDCC check in I will have lost the extra weight and either lose or maintain for the Challenge.  It’s going to be tough though.  I am going to a child’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday (which includes lunch) and possibly to a harvest festival at my cousins Church.  Then on Sunday I am going to another harvest festival (includes lunch) but at my Church.  Ugh, so many food obstacles to maneuver in the coming week.
I wish everyone luck in the coming week.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

CDCC update Week 6

I really hate the up and down weight fluctuations between Wednesday and Sunday.  The two different weigh ins keep me accountable, but they do kind of hurt when I am lower one day than the other.  As is the case again today.

Wednesday I was 228 for Shrinkvivor and today I am 228.8.  However, last Sunday I was 229.2 so it's still a loss of .4 pounds since last Sunday's CDCC weigh in.

I have been doing good with my exercise.  I've even done two 5k's this week.  One was for the Run the Hood Virtual 5K & 10K on Saturday and I did another just by walking my kids to the park and back.  I also ran for 2 miles straight and did 30 minutes of an exercise video.

My food once again has been okay, but there is room for improvement.  My water intake is okay during the week, but lacking on the weekend.  It's so much easier to have my water at my desk at work, but on the weekends I can't just leave it where ever I am sitting because my kids are 1 and 3 and not so great with things just sitting around.  I'm trying though.

I've almost caught up with my challenge book, but a feel so so about it. It just reiterates the same idea with different words.  Some of it is useful, but I find it a little boring.  Luckily it is a daily read book so it's easy to read.

I don't know how the rest of you did this week, but I know there were quite a few struggles the week before. We lost a couple challengers and there were many who gained weight.  I hope this week was better for everyone and if it wasn't please keep pushing on.  Don't let the gains get to you. Keep striving for your goal.  Remember why you want to lose the weight in the first place.  Who or what is your motivation.  Put a picture up on your fridge if you need to.  Just don't give up!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Run the Hood 5K

Today was the Run the Hood Virtual 5K &10K put on by the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  I participated in the 5K.  I did a run/walk.  It wasn't a very good run.  I did a whole lot of walking.  I just wasn't feeling the running today, but I finished in 45:42.  It was a nice cool morning so at least is was nice weather.  Here is a picture of me in my shirt.

I am really looking forward to the race medal.  :-)

I am scheduled to do another 5k on 11/6 but I'll be with other people then.  I hope it goes better next time.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mid Week Mini Vacation

The reason I was behind on posting my Shrinkvivor update was because I went to the beach for a night and day.  I left work early on Wednesday and went down to Carlsbad with the kids and the husband.  We stayed with my husband’s grandparents at a timeshare they were staying in for the week.  By the time we got there we only hung out some, had dinner, and went to bed.  But yesterday we had a lovely day.  We had a lazy morning with breakfast and then playing with the kids at the little park they had at the timeshare.  We had lunch and my husband’s cousin brought her two kids over so we all went to the beach and hung out for awhile. 
3 of the 4 kids

Little man had the best time hanging out with his cousins and throwing sand and kelp back out to the water.

Little Lady who stayed by us
Little Lady had fun throwing sand on Mommy and Daddy.  You can see some sand there on the left, on my husbands pants.  She thought it was really funny.  Sand is the one thing I hate about the beach.  Haha  We did go back to the room and shower up before we headed off to the next place....

Then it was off to a pumpkin patch.  Little man rode a pony and we all went on a hayride.  We also picked out three pumpkins.  Then it was off to dinner (a pizza place) where I had pizza and salad.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures are on the husband’s phone.  I will try to add more once I get them from his phone.

Shrinkvivor Week 3

I have been slacking a little on my blog.  I guess my everyday life just isn’t that exciting for the most part. Haha.  I didn’t get a chance to do a Shrinkvivor update on Wednesday so here goes.  I lost another pound this week. So down 6 pounds since the start of Shrinkvivor.  My exercise minutes were 240.  This week we are to continue counting exercise minutes and the mini challenge is to drink at least 64oz of water a day.    

The CDCC challenge and Shrinkvivor challenge has really been helping me to stay accountable.  I weigh in for CDCC on Sundays and Shrinkvivor on Wednesdays so I have no room for a bunch of off plan food.  If I eat pizza, like I did last night, I know that I can’t keep eating that kind of thing because my next weigh in is just a couple days away and I don’t want to see a gain on the scale.  Every time I eat I am mindful of what and how much I’m eating.  Before I started these challenges I kept allowing myself to eat too much.  I am really thriving being held accountable twice a week.  I like seeing my weight go down especially since it’s been high for so long.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

CDCC Week 5 Update and a Breakthrough

This has been a good week.  There were a few less than stellar food choices the last couple days, but nothing extreme.  I am still behind in my book.  It's not hard to read, I just forget about it.  I commented on a few of my fellow challengers blogs this week.  I hope to get to a few more this week.  A few of you are struggling, but for the most part we are doing great.  Keep up the good work everyone.  Keep your motivation in the forefront of your mind whenever you feel weak or off target.

Last weeks weight: 230.6
This weeks weight: 229.2
Loss: 1.4 pounds this week.

The break though this week came in form of running.  On Friday morning I did workout 13.3 of 5k in 100 Days and it involved (3) 11 minute intervals although I only did two of the intervals I still ran for 11 minutes at a time.  I was really proud of myself for running for 11 minutes at a time.  The workout today (14.1) I was to run for (3) 13 minute intervals, well I decided I was going to keep going until I reached a certain spot.  It turns out I ran for almost 20 minutes straight.  I rested for about 2 minutes and then I ran for another 19 minutes.  The distance was about 2.6 miles.  Towards the end I did feel like my legs were going to give up, but I just kept pushing on and telling myself I could do it.  I could run the whole thing.  AND I did.  I can't believe I went from 11 minutes to 19 minutes.  I basically just skipped the whole last week of the 5k in 100 days program.  My next goal would be to run the whole thing without the break.  I really didn't think I would be able to run that long.  So yeah for me!!!  I owe this to Brad Gansberg for this great learn to run program.  If you are the least bit interested in learning to run, I highly recommend his program.  The best part is it was totally free.  If you are a beginner runner skip the whole C25K program because it's just to fast. I tried it so I should know.

Have a good week everyone.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 2 and Running

I completed W13.2 of 5k in 100 days this morning.  It could have gone better, but I just didn’t have the energy.  I only ate one slice of bread before I left for the workout.  I managed to do (2) 10 minute intervals and then my last interval went like this.  Jog for 5 minutes, walk 2, jog 3 minutes, walk 1, jog 1 minute.  It’s all I could accomplish.  I still had the distance to compete the allotted time; I just didn’t have the energy to.  I’m ecstatic that I was able to complete (2) 10 minute intervals.  I really struggled to complete them though.  My next workout (on Thursday) is supposed to involve (3) 11 minute intervals.  I must try to eat better before I do it.

I am down 1 pound from last weeks Shrinkvivor weigh in.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to show a loss this week, but somehow I squeaked by.  

I racked up 247 exercise minutes for the challenge this week.  We are to log our exercise minutes again for the coming week and our mini challenge this week is to eat something green with every meal.  I ate a salad for lunch today so that’s one meal down, many to go. 

Completed unrelated to this post, I just had to share a picture of Little Lady from Sunday night at my parents house.  

Isn’t she just the cutest Rockstar?!  That is all, have a great day!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

CDCC Week 4 update

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was nice and I feel I got things accomplished this weekend.  However I did eat to much at my parents house last night.  We went over there for dinner and I just over did it.  So today my weigh in is 230.6.  Last weeks weigh in was 233 so that is a loss of 2.4 pounds.  If you have been following my Shrinkvivior posts too that means I'm up .6 pounds from Wednesday, but who's counting.  I'm still down 2.4 from last weeks CDCC weigh in.  So go me!!

I had a non scale victory this week though.  I fit into a smaller size pair of jeans.  Woohoo.  I have one more smaller size one in my closet and I can't wait until I fit into them.

I am doing my best to keep up on my water.  I struggle the most on the weekend.  I am didn't read my book this weekend, but otherwise I'm caught up.

My exercise is going well.  I did Yoga for the first time this week and I did two of my 5k in 100 days workouts.  I actually jogged more than I walked today.  That's another accomplishment for me.  I actually ran for 9 minutes for three of my intervals and the other interval was 8 minutes.  My next run/walk will be 10 minute intervals.  I still can't believe I'm running for that long at one time.

I think I commented on everyone's CDCC update last week and I hope to get to many this week as well.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sore Thighs

I tried Yoga for the first time Wednesday night.  I was at home using a TV show my husband taped. It was interesting.  Definitely moves I have never attempted before.  My quads were a little sore yesterday, but I decided to go ahead and do my 5k in 100 day workout 13.1 since I hadn’t run at all this week.  Well that might have been a huge mistake.  I could feel them tensing up during my run.  I was supposed to do (4) 9 minute intervals, but instead I squeaked out (1) 9 minute, (1) 8 minute and (1) 3 ½ minute before my legs gave up on me.  Even walking the rest of the way back home I could feel the soreness setting in.  My quads are SORE today.  I’m glad I got in the workout though.  The total exercise time was 40 minutes. I also got in a 10 minute work walk during my break.
I have about 15 days until the Run the Hood Virtual 5k so I want to be sure I’m keeping up with my run/walks.  I’m still not ready to complete it in my desired 45 minute time frame.  There are mini hills in my route so they zap my energy and momentum.  My jog pace is already super slow so add a mini hill in and I can walk just as fast up the hill without all the heavy breathing.  I see runners on the street and they look so graceful with big strides and I admire them.  I want to be able to run like that.  Maybe after I lose a good 50-60 pounds it will be easier.
I don’t have any big plans this weekend. I really need to work on a menu for next week.  I feel like we are eating the same thing all the time because it’s convenient, but there are so many great recipes just waiting to be tried.  Then tomorrow night we are having dinner at my parents’ house.  My mom is having grand kid withdrawals.  Hehe
I’ll be back on Sunday for my CDCC weigh in.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 1 and CDCC update

Today is the first weekly update for Shrinkvivor.  Our challenge for the week was to log our exercise minutes.  The team with the most minutes would get the immunity idol for the week and could not be voted off to Exile Island.  I know our group did not win this week because I read a blog from The Voices Within Unleashed and she completed almost as many exercise minutes as my whole tribe combined.  However, she lost less than a pound.  How is that possible??  Maybe next week she will show a huge loss from all the exercise this week.  Anyway, I completed 150 minutes of exercise this week.  It’s not great, but it is what it is.  This week we will have the same exercise minutes challenge.  I am confident this week I will put in more exercise.
The mini challenge last week was to not eat any fast food.  This challenge was a success for me.  Even when I went to the fair I didn’t eat the food.  This week our mini challenge is to get good rest, aiming for at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  This isn’t a problem for me.  I do this every day already.  This used to be a problem when my daughter would wake up every night and want to sleep with me, but she has been doing great at night.  Lord, please help this to continue! 
So here is the best news….I lost 4 pounds this week.  WHAT!!!  ME lose 4 pounds in one week.  Crazy, that never happens.  I am lucky to lose up to 1.8 pounds in a week. I was really hesitant about posting this as my loss this week because I’m afraid the scale is being wacky and next week I’ll show a gain.  I mean I weighed on Sunday for CDCC and I was at 233.  Three days later I’m 230.  Weird!  I guess I’m going to have to really stay on my game this week to be sure that there is no gain next week.  I know it’s not required, but I took a picture this week too since I couldn’t believe my loss this week.
The CDCC challenge is going well obviously from my paragraphs above.  I am a little behind on my book 100 Days of Weight Loss, but I’m only 5 days behind right now.  The last few days’ information hasn’t really pertained to me, but it might help someone else. 
Day 14 – Morning affects evening – make sure you are eating breakfast because if you aren’t you are more likely to eat more later in the day and graze throughout and ultimately eat more than if you just started your day right with a good breakfast.
Day 15 – First Two Bites – This chapter states that the first two bites of food will taste the best no matter how many bites you take after that. If you want a brownie take time to savor the first two bites, then decide if you really need the rest of it.  Do the bites taste any better than the first two bites, did it satisfy the craving.  She encourages you to take the first two bites and get rid of the rest. 
Day  17 – Stop Wasting Food – This whole principal is for those who have the mindset that you have to finish all the food on your plate. If you are full part way through your meal you should stop eating.  Your body is satisfied and you don’t need the rest.  You are wasting the rest of the food by eating it because your body doesn’t need it, it’s already satisfied.  If you think you are wasting food when you don’t eat it remind yourself that by eating it you are still wasting it and just adding calories to be stored as fat.
I’m caught up to day20 (I read 7 days today on my lunch break), but I should be at day 25.  I’ll try to remedy that in the next couple of days.
Water consumption is improving a little.  I still struggle with getting at least 8 glasses of water in, but I’m trying.  Each day is a new day and a new chance to stay on the correct path.  I need to remember Mir’s picture of the butterfly(which I posted on the sidebar) and how I have 3 months left to transform this year.  I do WANT to transform as much as possible. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

CDCC update

I did pretty good this week.  I still need to work on drinking more water though.  I have had a slight cold all week and therefore haven't pushed myself.  I hope this next week will be better overall.
Last week: 233.8
This week: 233
.8 pound loss this week.  My scale is kind of sketchy though.  I stepped on it this morning in one spot on the floor and it was like 2 pound less than this, but when I moved the scale this is what is said.  How can that be?? I would rather err on losing less than more and see a gain next time.  So there you have it.  I hope to see more on Wednesday when I weigh in for Shrinkvivor.

Keep up the good work ladies and I hope to get to comment some this week since my new laptop power cord has arrived.

County Fair

The mini challenge for Shrinkvivor was to stay away from fast food this week.  I had already planned to go to the fair and I thought there was no way I would succeed with this challenge, but so far I have succeeded.  I met my husband at noon when he got off of work and we headed to the fair.  I brought us sandwiches, yogurt, and cheese so we wouldn't have to eat lunch somewhere on the way.  We walked around the fair for 4 and a half hours.  I'm only going to count 60 minutes of that towards my exercise.  (I was beat by the time we were done.)
Here are a few pictures:
Little Man feeding a Goat.

Little Man riding a Dinosaur

Hubby getting in on the goat action. That goat was pushy!
These pictures are from my phone.  The pictures of my daughter were on the camera and I'm to lazy go download them right now.

Anyway, we didn't eat ANY fair food.  YES, it is possible to go to the fair and not eat fair food.  If you have been following for awhile, I managed not to eat any fair food when we went to the OC fair either.  Crazy right.  My husband wanted to get a turkey leg, but I convinced him we could live without it and go get some healthier food somewhere else.  It was a long day, but a nice day with the family.