Sunday, October 2, 2011

County Fair

The mini challenge for Shrinkvivor was to stay away from fast food this week.  I had already planned to go to the fair and I thought there was no way I would succeed with this challenge, but so far I have succeeded.  I met my husband at noon when he got off of work and we headed to the fair.  I brought us sandwiches, yogurt, and cheese so we wouldn't have to eat lunch somewhere on the way.  We walked around the fair for 4 and a half hours.  I'm only going to count 60 minutes of that towards my exercise.  (I was beat by the time we were done.)
Here are a few pictures:
Little Man feeding a Goat.

Little Man riding a Dinosaur

Hubby getting in on the goat action. That goat was pushy!
These pictures are from my phone.  The pictures of my daughter were on the camera and I'm to lazy go download them right now.

Anyway, we didn't eat ANY fair food.  YES, it is possible to go to the fair and not eat fair food.  If you have been following for awhile, I managed not to eat any fair food when we went to the OC fair either.  Crazy right.  My husband wanted to get a turkey leg, but I convinced him we could live without it and go get some healthier food somewhere else.  It was a long day, but a nice day with the family.

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  1. CHEER, amazingly strong not touching the fair food! That's awesome. :)