Friday, October 21, 2011

Mid Week Mini Vacation

The reason I was behind on posting my Shrinkvivor update was because I went to the beach for a night and day.  I left work early on Wednesday and went down to Carlsbad with the kids and the husband.  We stayed with my husband’s grandparents at a timeshare they were staying in for the week.  By the time we got there we only hung out some, had dinner, and went to bed.  But yesterday we had a lovely day.  We had a lazy morning with breakfast and then playing with the kids at the little park they had at the timeshare.  We had lunch and my husband’s cousin brought her two kids over so we all went to the beach and hung out for awhile. 
3 of the 4 kids

Little man had the best time hanging out with his cousins and throwing sand and kelp back out to the water.

Little Lady who stayed by us
Little Lady had fun throwing sand on Mommy and Daddy.  You can see some sand there on the left, on my husbands pants.  She thought it was really funny.  Sand is the one thing I hate about the beach.  Haha  We did go back to the room and shower up before we headed off to the next place....

Then it was off to a pumpkin patch.  Little man rode a pony and we all went on a hayride.  We also picked out three pumpkins.  Then it was off to dinner (a pizza place) where I had pizza and salad.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures are on the husband’s phone.  I will try to add more once I get them from his phone.

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