Friday, October 21, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week 3

I have been slacking a little on my blog.  I guess my everyday life just isn’t that exciting for the most part. Haha.  I didn’t get a chance to do a Shrinkvivor update on Wednesday so here goes.  I lost another pound this week. So down 6 pounds since the start of Shrinkvivor.  My exercise minutes were 240.  This week we are to continue counting exercise minutes and the mini challenge is to drink at least 64oz of water a day.    

The CDCC challenge and Shrinkvivor challenge has really been helping me to stay accountable.  I weigh in for CDCC on Sundays and Shrinkvivor on Wednesdays so I have no room for a bunch of off plan food.  If I eat pizza, like I did last night, I know that I can’t keep eating that kind of thing because my next weigh in is just a couple days away and I don’t want to see a gain on the scale.  Every time I eat I am mindful of what and how much I’m eating.  Before I started these challenges I kept allowing myself to eat too much.  I am really thriving being held accountable twice a week.  I like seeing my weight go down especially since it’s been high for so long.

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