Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SCC update week 7

This week has been better.  As of yesterday I am down to 217.2.  So that is a .6 pound loss for the week.  I actually saw lower on Sunday, but I won’t count that.  I did eat some things this weekend that I wouldn’t normally eat and I take responsibility for the weight that won’t go down because of that.  I have been getting in my run/walks at least 3 days a week, but not much else.  I do take a 10 minute walk on break most days.  One day last week I walked around the block (about a mile) at lunch time.  I could be doing better, but I will soon be getting in lots of exercise because I leave in just a few days for Thailand.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  Having two young children 1- ½  and 3- ½.  It’s going to be trying.  I’m going to pray about it and give it to God though.  Not much I can do, but try my best to interact with them and keep them busy.  I would appreciate any prayers you would like to pray on our behalf.  I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and do some posts when we get back. 

I will do my best not to go overboard with food while on vacation.  I’m sure it won’t be that hard since I’m not used to a lot of the food there, but there are plenty of “American” style foods to eat there too.  I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss.  Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SCC update

I have been doing okay.  I haven't been strict with food intake, but I have been keeping up with my run/walking at least 3 days a week.  My weight this week.  217.8.  It stinks that I can't manage to stick to my food plan and lose some more weight, but I do have a NSV this week. I went shopping on Saturday and found a couple of shirts and a couple of capris.  The NSV is that the capris were a size 16 and the shirt was a large.  Woohoo.  I felt so skinny when I put them on.  I know I have a long way to go still, but it was nice to be able to find a couple outfits I can wear in Thailand.  It's getting so close now.  I will be packing the kids this weekend and all none essential items of mine so I can be ahead of the game.  I'm excited, but also a little nervous of getting sick since there are so many people coming down with the flu right now.  I must do the best I can to keep us all healthy.  We started drinking Water Kefir last week and it has probiotics in it so I hope that will help us.  I do have two people sick at work who sit in the same area as me.  UGH. Please lord help keep us healthy, especially my son who's little body turns little colds into much worse things.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

SCC wk 5 update and 1/2 marathon recap

I will start with SCC update post.  I managed to lose the little bit I had gained last week.  I am back down to 218.4.  That is definitely not where I would have liked to have been in 5 weeks.  I have let life get in the way and not worked out as much as I wanted to this week.  I did get in a run/walk on Saturday morning and again this morning.  I didn’t fit in any other workouts beside my run/walks this week and a couple of walks on my lunch break.  I really would like to do better this week.  My goals for this week are to:

Get in 3-4 more workouts this week.
Make healthier choices (I had salmon and broccoli for dinner last night, yeah me)
Eat smaller portions.

Now on to the weekend:
My husband’s first ½ marathon was this past Sunday in lovely Huntington Beach and it couldn’t have been a nicer day for it.  Blue skies and mild temperatures made it a great day.  

We stayed the night in Costa Mesa which was only a 10 minute drive to the beach for parking.  We got on a shuttle bus to the start of the festivities and then hung out in the expo tent until it was time to start the race.  We had over an hour to wait.  Here is a picture of my husband doing some warm up exercises.

The next picture is a picture of the crowd waiting to start the race. My husband is right next to the guy with his arms raised in the air wearing a black shirt and sun glasses.

 There were 17,000 people doing the ½ marathon and they started in waves of people every few minutes.  There were 15 waves of people and it took about 45 minutes from the time the first ones started running until the last group started running.  The waves were started based on your estimated finish time.  It would have been cool to see the people lined up from the top of the nearby hotel.  Just imagine 17,000 people plus family and friends everywhere. My husband was in the 1:58 hour start time.  He finished the race in 1:55:15.  I even managed to get a little video of him crossing the finish line.  Here he is after he got his finishers medal.

There was a band playing and a beer garden at the finish line area.  There were also other bands throughout the course.  I didn't get to see them though since I was stationed at the finish line to wait for my husband. We didn't listen to the band or partake in the beer garden.  It is actually kind of weird that there was a beer garden when racers shouldn't really be drinking beer to rehydrate themselves. But, some people have signs that say will run for beer.

After the race we waited in line for my husband to get a free massage.  It took about an hour and 45 minutes to make it to the front of the line, but he did get a 25 minute massage.  I am surprised there wasn’t a strict 10 minute time limit per person.  I am sure my husband thought it was worth the wait though.  He is doing his next ½ marathon in May.  Maybe one day I will do a half marathon, but it certainly won't be with a time like he did. haha

Friday, February 3, 2012

Great weekend planned and Water Kefir

Hello Everyone, I’m still around, just not in the blogging mood lately.  I am doing okay with the 21 day challenge.  Not perfect by any means, but not bad either.  I haven’t gotten as many work lunch walks in this week as I would have liked, but I plan to go on one today.  

This Sunday is my husband’s first Half Marathon in Huntington Beach.  It’s going to mass amounts of people. There are 13,000 participants in the half marathon portion and then you factor in their family and friends and you get way too many people.  I think are another 6,000 or so people in the full marathon too.  I can imagine there will be lots of traffic and squeezing by people in the streets.  UGH and the bathroom situation is sure to be atrocious.  BUT it should be fun too.  My parents are watching the kids so I actually get some “me” time while my husband runs.  Oh, about 2 hours to peruse all by myself.  Woohoo!  I’ll post pictures next week.

I plan to get in a run/walk tomorrow morning since I won’t get one in on Sunday morning.  I am trying to eat better, but it’s just so hard sometimes.  A co-worker told me about Water Kefir and these amazing probiotic benefits of the stuff and I am itching to get my hands on some Water Kefir grains asap.  I saw a craigslist add for someone who has them in Huntington Beach…where I happen to be going this weekend…so I might talk my husband into calling the person up and getting some.  I’m really excited about it.  The person at work also told me they lost 7 pounds in two weeks from drinking the Kefir water.  That would be a nice bonus!  Does anyone drink Kefir Water?