Saturday, October 20, 2012


Time sure does fly by.  I am still hovering around the same weight.  Still below 200, but not really going much lower yet, averaging about 196-197.  I just haven't been able to stop eating all the goodies that people have been providing at work.  I also still haven't gotten myself into a work out routine other than my run/walks.  My inlaws are still at my house. Well actually they just left for Oregon for almost 2 weeks.  They will then be back down for a few days before they go back to Thailand.  I am looking forward to putting my daughter back in her room.  She has without fail come into our room every night since the inlaws have been here.

My husband is running a 10k tomorrow with two of his friends.  He isn't going to get much sleep though.  He has to work until about midnight tonight and then drive home and hopefully get in bed by about 1:30am only to have to get up at 5am to get ready to leave for the race which starts at 7:30 about an hour away.  He has to pick up his race packet in the morning too.  He is going to be one tired guy tomorrow.

Halloween is just around the corner and my son will be buzz lightyear and my daughter a Giraffe   I am going to be a Bee this year.  The place I work at is really big on dressing up for Halloween.  They are even taking us out to lunch at Sizzler and have a judging contest of our outfits.  I have never worked anywhere that has made this big a deal out of Halloween. It should be fun.  I'll have to post pictures after Halloween.

Not much else going on around here. Until next time...

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