Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 is coming to an end

Wow,  has it really been that long since I posted something.  Life is good.  Thanksgiving was at my aunts house and there were about 25 people there.  It was quite nice to have so many of my family members there.  Christmas was great as well.  We had about 5 Christmas celebrations this year.  The first was my husbands Dad side of the family in Lake Arrowhead two weeks before Christmas.  The week before Christmas was my husbands moms side of the family. Then we had husbands parents/ sister/ brother Christmas, then "our" Christmas on Christmas eve and then the rest of my family on Christmas day. We went to my parents house on Christmas Eve and spent the night.  That has been the tradition for awhile now.  We opened "our" family presents on Christmas Eve before we went to my parents and then the whole rest of the family on Christmas day.  The kids were really spoiled this year.  Lots of fun stuff.

I have not fallen off of the wagon, I have maintained my loss.  I hover between 193 and 196.  I don't check that often. I get on the scale every once in awhile just to make sure I haven't gone back over the 200 mark, which I haven't at all.  I have slacked completely on the exercise front.  The cold came and I started working an earlier shift at work so it's now dark in the morning.  I have to leave the house by 7am to get the kids to daycare and have no time to run/walk now.  My goal for the new year is to start the exercise back up.  Use the cross bow like machine I got from a friend and buckle down and start losing again.  Maybe I need to find a challenge to help keep my accountable.  Maybe just make one up in my own head and act as if others are in on it and counting on me.  We shall see.

New years eve I have to work half a day and then we are going over to my parents to ring in the new year.  We will spend the night there again and spend most of New Years Day with them too.  We play games and snack and watch the parade in the background and have an overall relaxing fun time together. I'll be sure to post back in a few days and keep up on blogging.  I do read all the blogs I was reading before I just don't ever get around to posting here.  I will try to do better.  It's good to keep myself accountable.

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