Friday, November 4, 2011

What have I been up to?

I’ve been pretty absent from this blog in the last couple of weeks.  I guess I just kind of lost the blogging mojo recently.   I haven’t been running as much due to the darkness in the mornings.  That should all change with the time change this weekend.  It should be lighter in the mornings so I can get back to running before work.  My run this past Sunday was pretty good.  I did 35 minutes total and 25 of that was straight running.  Then on Wednesday I did a run after work and it was absolutely awful.  It was like I was back to the begging learning how to run.  I was tired and can honestly say I am a morning runner instead of an evening runner.  I have my first official 5k on Sunday and now the forecast says that it could be raining.  As of right now it says rain likely after 11am which would be a dry race since it starts at 8am, but there is still a few days to go. I am praying that if there is going to be rain on Sunday that it waits until the afternoon/evening to arrive.  I really don’t want to run in the rain.
I have been doing pretty good with my food intake and staying away from most of the Halloween candy.  I have allowed myself one piece after dinner.  I have really wanted more than that, but so far I’m staying in control.  I’m still trying to drink more water.   I just took a few sips as I wrote that sentence.  :-)
I’m a little behind in my book, but some recent ideas are as follows:

Day 33 - Fullness Scale 
0= neutral, not hungry, not full,
+1= satisfied, comfortable, just right
+2= too full – a little uncomfortable
+3= stuffed, miserable
Try to recognize the cues your body is giving you when you are at the +1 and stop eating.  If you get to the +2 remember how you feel for next time and then stop eating before that.  If you learn to recognize the feelings of fullness you will be able to stop overeating.

Day 35 The Eating Pause
When you pause in your eating by taking a deep breath you’re usually at the exact point where you feel satisfied or comfortable.  Stop eating then and don’t go back for more food.  You are probably already at the point of fullness.  If in 20 minutes you are still hungry then go back for more.

Day 41 – Motivation is a Choice
You create motivation through your thoughts and your attitude. You can access it if you want to.  NO one can force you to stay motivated.  You need to work on it and do and say things that will keep you motivated.

Day 43 – Choose To, Not Have To
You need to change your words from have to, to choose to.  I choose to lose weight, I choose to exercise, I choose to clean the house, I choose to eat healthier.  By saying I choose to instead of I have to you are tricking your brain into believing it’s what you want to do and aren’t forcing yourself to do.

And one final one for today:
Day 44 – It’s Not The Right Time
It’s easy to use the phrase it’s not the right time to lose weight or exercise more or eat healthier.  It’s easy to say I’m too busy or I’m going through this in my life right now, but the reality is that there is probably never going to be a right time.  You have to MAKE the time to do it.  How important is it to you to be healthier and feel better?  You will always have things going on in your life, but if you really want to lose weight and eat better than you just need to make the time to do it. 

If Jo at A Well Kept Life can keep at it and stay positive while trying to be there for her brother with a spinal cord injury then do you really have an excuse why you can’t make better food choices while dealing with your own obstacles?  If you work a lot or have to run the kids around to their activities and regularly eat out, just pick the healthiest option available.  Don’t allow yourself to provide excuses for why you can’t do it.  Find ways you can make it happen and achieve your goals.

I’ll be back Sunday with a race recap and CDCC update. 

P.s for those interested,  I’m still in the Shrinkvivor challenge, but since I’m on Exile Island I just didn’t feel like doing an update post.  I did however win the Body Glide giveaway this week  WooHoo for me. 

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