Monday, June 4, 2012

Final RFSC and GFCTC update

Well this last week has involved a lot more eating out than normal.  I was taken to lunch twice this last week and then on Saturday ate more than normal.  It's my own fault that I ate it but it means that I didn't finish the challenge with a big loss.  I only have a .4 pound loss for the week. So here are my overall stats for each challenge.

RFSC start weight: 213.4 (total challenge loss 9.8 pounds)
GFCTC start weight: 214 (total challenge loss 10.4 pounds)
Final weight: 203.6

I wanted to lose 20 pounds in each of these challenges, but at least I lost 10.  I am going in the right direction and so close to Onederland it hurts.

I got in 3 run/walks this week, but that is all.  I really need to start adding in the strength training.  Hero Rush is at the end of the month and will require me to have more muscles to get through the obstacles.

On to my weekend.  It was a busy Saturday.  It started with a 5k for my husband, it was a down hill course and he finished in just over 20 minutes.  WOW!  His quads were hurting after it though.  Then it was breakfast, home to make a grocery list for the week, back out for groceries.  Then we rushed home and left for a movie.  We saw the Avengers.  It was a good super hero movie.  We then had lunch and got a gift certificate for a wedding reception we went to in Long Beach.  It was quite the day.  Sunday involved Church and a graduation celebration and then relaxing afterwards.

My new job is going well.  Every day is a different issue to deal with, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I am definitely busy everyday.  That is such a change from my old job.

I hope every one did well with the challenge and good luck with continued success in your journey's.

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  1. Great job on your loss you must be feeling great about it!!!