Sunday, June 24, 2012

What a busy week!

This week has been crazy busy.  My mother had some back surgery on Monday. We had Vacation Bible School (VBS) at church Monday-Friday. And I had a stomach bug on Tuesday afternoon/evening.  I lost 3 pounds overnight with the stomach bug, but put it back on the rest of the week.  I am the same this week. 199.6.  I actually saw 197 after I was sick, but I knew it wouldn't last.

Yesterday we did a 5k called Little Heart Warriors.  It was for a non profit organization for kids born with congenital heart defects.  It was their first time doing a 5k and the organizer was hoping she would get at least 150 people to participate and it turns out there was about 450 people there.  It was a great success for the non profit organization.  My husband even got 3rd place overall.  How great is that?!  I ran/walked it with the stroller and my friend and finished in about 41:52.  I'm pretty pleased with that.

After the 5k we went shopping for a birthday present for an 8 year old girl, went home cleaned up and then went to the birthday party about and hour away.  Then after the party we went to my mothers house who lives close to the party and brought dinner over.  We wanted to see how my mom was doing after her surgery.  She is doing quite well by the way.

Today we went to Church and then there was a BBQ potluck afterwards to end the VBS week.  We will be taking a dip in the pool soon and then just relax for the evening.  I am looking forward to a much more relaxed week this week.

Next weekend is Hero Rush 5k Fire Fighter based themed obstacle course.  I'm scared, but excited about it.  I haven't strength trained like I should have, but it will be fun either way.  Have a great week everyone.

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