Saturday, January 26, 2013

I'm here...really I am!

I don't mean to be a bad blogger, but I guess I am.

We went camping last weekend to Lake Skinner and had a pretty good time.  The weather was great.  My son had a little cough that was problematic at night, but overall it was a good time.  My parents took their 5th wheel out too and we cooked all but one thing in her trailer.  However all the dishes were cleaned in our since their water heather is not working right now.

I forgot to post my week 2 weigh in for the shrinking jeans challenge.  It was 192 I think.  This last one was 190.2 I think.  I have them written down at work and not at home. So I'm doing good on my weight loss.  My water intake is getting better, but not 100% yet.  My exercise is not going well.  I was super busy at work this past week and had no time for anything.  I need to work on getting the exercise in and toning.

We bought a masticating juicer off of Amazon and it arrived on Friday.  We made juice last night and this morning too.  The kids have been asking for fresh apple juice all day.  We are going to try to juice at least once a day to get in some good micro-nutrients.  We watched the move "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" this past week and it makes us want to juice for all sorts of good heath benefits.  We try and east pretty healthy these days overall so the addition of juicing will only help us.

Okay I must cut this short,  my daughter needs a diaper change.

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