Saturday, January 12, 2013

Success and other News

I managed to get my 3 days of walking in at work and I also took a walk today with the family.  I was successful at getting my 8 glasses of water in on Thursday and Friday. I decided to bring in a pitcher to fill up with water and keep at my desk.  I would then have no excuse not to drink the water. Well it worked like a charm.  Today however, I haven't drank very much.  I'm home and out and about and such and just didn't get it down.  I have drank about 4 out of 8 today.

The exciting news in life right now is that two weeks ago we bought our first travel trailer!  We didn't get to pick it up until last weekend though.  We had to go through a class to tell us all about the unit and how to work things and also get something done to the car for brakes on the trailer.  It's a Coleman, Dutchmen 15' with bunks and it's just so cute. We go on our first camping trip next weekend, but we have already stayed in the trailer.  We actually spent the night in the trailer the day after we brought it home.  The kids were so excited to stay in the trailer, and in reality, so were we.  It was fun.  We haven't decided where to go yet, but in the next couple of days we will figure it out.  We look forward to having many adventures in our trailer.

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