Sunday, April 15, 2012

RFSC Week 3 Update and GFCTC Week 1 Update

Hello all,  This week was spot on with food and much better with exercise.  My husband and I started a new 6 week food plan that eliminates gluten, dairy and most sugar.  The goal is to find out how we feel after we have been doing this for 6 weeks then after 6 weeks you reintroduce foods and see if start to feel bad after eating them.  We have officially completed week one and WOW on the weigh loss for the week.

Last week weight: 214
This week weight: 208.4
Lost this week: 5.6 pounds
I took a picture because I couldn't believe it.
How could I NOT lose weight eliminating a bunch of stuff I normally eat.  It's amazing how I could resist eating things when I had it in my mind that I couldn't eat it because it wasn't part of the plan.  I struggled on Saturday night when we were at someones house and they had pizza there.  I REALLY wanted one, but I didn't eat it.  I ate the fruit and the veggies instead.  I supplemented later with a protein shake.  I just wonder if the great weigh loss will keep up this week.  I also did more exercise this week.

Monday- run/walk
Tuesday - n/a
Wednesday - run/walk
Thursday - Yoga plus weights dvd (This was my new exercise I tried for a prior weeks mini challenge)
Friday - n/a
Saturday - n/a
Sunday - run/ walk

I'm so excited about being so close to "ONE"derland.  This week I will try do exactly the same thing I did last week.

On a side note not related to this post; There is a baby who was born Saturday who will need surgery to repair a congenital birth defect.  Please pray for the baby as well as the doctors and nurses working on him and that the surgery will go well and he will have a quick recovery.  Thank you.


  1. Wow! Great loss! Keep up the good work!

  2. Prayers with the baby.

    I'm in the same boat... So close to tipping over that 300 mark instead of the 200 mark. Let's power through this. Let's have a great week and see how close we can get! :) Push on those work outs, eat really clean. I can't wait to see how this week goes for you since we're in roughly the same spot!

  3. I felt so much better off gluten and sugar (with rare exceptions, like 85% choco) that I won't go back. I hope you enjoy the gluten free, sugar-free ride. I think it will convert you to staying away. :D

    Great loss. Enjoy and celebrate this! HURRAY!!!!

  4. Nice loss this week! I've heard so many things about clean eating...I might try something similar once my life has slowed down a bit in June. Can't wait to see how you did this week! I'll keep the baby in my thoughts.

  5. Nice loss for the week! I did a 30 day stretch with no dairy, sugar, gluten, etc. - I didn't lose a lot (I'm at goal, so that wasn't the point), but I felt so good while I was doing it! I need to get back to it again.

    Good luck!