Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The three C's: Christmas, Coughing, and Challenges

Hello you wonderful people.  I hope you all had a lovely Christmas filled with love, laughter and great memories being made.  I have been missing for a little bit haven’t I?  I was enjoying life instead of writing here I guess.  I had a great Christmas with my family.  We spent the night at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve and opened presents together on Christmas morning.  We had yummy breakfast foods, went to Church, and had the big Christmas dinner and more present opening with extended family.  I couldn’t have asked for a better day. 

Unfortunately, Sunday night my son was up 5 times with coughing fits.  He has had a cough for about a month now.  It started after he got a cold and would come and go, but nothing major.  Well Sunday night he was having uncontrolled coughing and crying and whining and just an all around bad night.  A little background on my son…He was in the hospital twice at the beginning of the year due to croup that turned into pneumonia (12-day stay) and then a 9-day stay due to a respiratory infection a month later.  He couldn’t keep his oxygen levels up on his own.  So this time I wasn’t going to wait to take him in.  I went to urgent care on Monday and spent 4.5 hours there getting two breathing treatments, a round of steroids and a chest x-ray.  They didn’t see pneumonia yet, but we got antibiotics and oral steroid prescriptions anyway because of his past history.  He didn’t cough near as much yesterday so I think the drugs are helping.  My son is only 3 ½ so seeing him cough so much is really hard.  I don’t think he knows how to cough effectively yet.  He just coughs and coughs and they aren’t productive.  The more worked up with crying and such the longer the fit lasts.  It’s no fun at all.  Anyway, I am really glad he seems to be on the mend especially since tonight we are going to Toy Story 3’s Disney on Ice. We bought these tickets about a month ago and today is the day.  I’m excited.  My son doesn’t really get it when we tell him what we are going to see.  I think he will have a great time seeing his favorite characters on ice though.  I’ll try to get a few pictures to share.

There are 4 challenges that I know of starting in the new year, but I don’t know if I’ll officially join any of them.  I like the accountability of them, but I don’t really care for the “must do this” type of thing to be in the challenge that 2 of the 4 require.  I just finished one of those with the CDCC and I think I can be accountable and not be forced to read a book or count calories/food.  I know that works for some, but I didn't care for it and I still lost 15 pounds during the challenge. The other 2 I’m not sure what they involve.  They are keeping them a mystery which makes it hard to want to sign up especially since one of them requires a $10 fee to join.  Decisions to be made in a short window of time.  They all start January 1st I think. 

Okay that is all I have for today, but just so I’m not a boring blogger with no pictures and just words all the time I leave you with a couple of recent pictures of my kids in hats.  I have no idea why my daughter made this face, but she’s 1 ½  and my son just got this hat for Christmas from his daycare person. 

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  1. I hope your son is doing better & I see ya out there in a challenge but even if you aren't you're right... you can do it without one so I'll be here to continue to support you:-)

    Thanks for suggesting the Brad Gansberg program. I've heard of it through you & others but forgot about it and now that I've checked it out it does sound like it would be a better fit for me since there is some accountability and I'm not really left to do it on my own where I can back out:-) I'm checking to see if I can get in the next round so thanks.... Hope 2012 brings you great results!