Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Little Things

On my drive home from work there is this overpass on the freeway that I always make sure to look up at.  You’re probably asking yourself why I would care about an overpass on the freeway.  Well there are sometimes 2 people on said overpass.  These two people used to frequent the overpass several times a week, but the overpass has been empty for the last few months no doubt because of the heat.  Who wants to take a walk when it’s over a hundred outside?  But I saw them yesterday.
One person is in a wheelchair and the other person is standing behind the wheelchair.  The person in the wheelchair is always swinging their arm around in the air waving at the people below on the freeway.  I’m not sure if they are trying to get honks or what, but I certainly honk for them to know that I saw them.  I don’t know anything about the person in the wheelchair nor can I see them clearly, but I believe that this person is mentally handicapped in some way and that this waving of their arm at the people below is bringing them great joy.  For all I know this might be the highlight of their day.  It surely was the highlight of mine many months ago when I would see them all the time.  It became the highlight of my day yesterday when they were finally there again.  Just seeing this person enjoying the little act of waving at cars made me smile.
Sometimes we take all the things we can do for granted.  We whine and complain about things of little consequence.  We forget that there are others out there less fortunate then ourselves.  It’s easy to get caught up in work, chores, bills, etc. Sometimes we need to stop what we are doing and just “be” with those around you or even with yourself.  Don’t let the JOY drain from your life.  If it has already left, find ways to bring it back.


  1. THANK YOU!!! I really needed this story today :)

  2. That's a great story and reminder. :)