Monday, September 19, 2011

Camping Recap

I had a lovely weekend camping.  We brought a tent to sleep in, but the first night (Friday) we got there too late to set it up so we slept in my parents 5th wheel.  My two kids were on the table bed and I was on the sofa bed.  Sleep was awful that night due to my daughter falling off the bed in the 5th wheel twice.  The first time wasn’t a big deal, but the second time caused her to cry and then she was awake for at least 2 hours, probably longer.  I felt so bad because I knew my daughter was keeping my parents awake as well as myself.  She is only 16 months and after the second fall she came to sleep with me on the sofa bed. 
Saturday we had a nice breakfast and then walked around the camp.  There was a craft bazaar and a classic car show.  The kids played at the park for a little bit until my 3 year old son got bit by a bee.  The stinger was still sticking out of his ear.  The poor guy was a trooper though.  He didn’t cry that much, but he was pretty clingy for awhile.  We had lunch and then just hung out for awhile.  My husband got off work and showed up about 1:30pm.  He took a nap with the kids and I had some me time reading a book.
We all hung out for the evening, ate dinner and played a couple games.  This time we slept in the tent and sleep was much better besides the oh so inconsiderate girls sleeping in a cabin on the hill above our camp site.  They were making noise on and off until after midnight.  UGH…some people are so clueless to other people.
On Sunday morning we ate breakfast and my husband and I went for my walk/run workout 3 of the week. (W10.3 of 5k in 100 days) I’m really glad he was with me because I really would have cut my intervals short had he not been with me.  This workout involved a 10 min. fast walk and then 4 intervals of 7 minutes each.  I really had to push myself.  Even though it wasn’t much of a workout for my husband, he jogged beside me and encouraged me several times.  He didn’t even break a sweat.  I was just really proud of myself for doing my workout while camping.
The rest of the day was pretty mellow, lunch, nap, kids bingo, clean up, and go home.  As soon as I got things situated at home the kids got a much needed bath.  Unfortunately, the pictures we took while there were on my mom’s camera.  But, I’ll leave you with a few I took on my IPod before we left.  The kids decided to play in the dirt while my dad emptied the trailer water.  This is what they looked like before we left the campground.

Look at that face and shirt

You can see the dirt on her leg too

Look at her skirt caked with dirt, she's a mess!

Dirty but having a good time!


  1. You had way more fun at your camp than me. :-)

  2. Kids and dirt. They just go together. This reminds me so much of when my girls were little. they loved playing in the dirt and camping. It´s been a long time! :)