Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CDCC update

Since my Sunday post was so short I thought I would add some more here for the middle of the week update.  I still don’t have a power cord for my home computer so I have to do this blog post during my break at work.  Anyway,  I haven’t been that great at logging my food on My Fitness Pal.  However, I have been trying to eat better.  There is still room for improvement especially in portion size.  My water intake has been so-so.  I don’t know how some of you drink the amounts you do in one day.  It’s like I need an IV drip to get that much water in.  I’m working on it though.

I'm still doing my 5k in 100 days for my exercise.  It's going well, but I hope to add in some more on the off days.

I have been reading the book called 100 Days of Weight Loss and it’s going well.  A few highlights would be:

Day 2: Interested or Committed?  Are you just interested in losing weight or are you committed.  If you are just interested you can be easily distracted and depend on the scale to move lower all the time.  If you are committed you will do things “no matter what”.  Keep your motivation strong even when you aren’t seeing the results right away.

Day6: Protect Your Program.  If you are going to go out to eat at someone’s house or a gathering and someone asks if you want to eat a non plan food you can respond with “Not just yet; I’m going to wait a little while”.  By saying this to the person they think you will eat later and they will probably never notice you didn’t eat.  Don’t let others force you into eating something you know isn’t part of your plan.

Day 12: Fuel or Filler.  Write down the things you eat and then at the end of the day ask yourself was that food fuel for your body or just a filler.  A filler is a food that tends to add extra calories but provide minimal nutrients.  Try to make sure you are eating foods that fuel your body.

That’s all I have time for.  I hope you all are doing great this week.  If you are struggling reach out to those around you or to your bloggy friends. 

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  1. Interest versus Commitment...that's a big one! And Protect the program, I had to learn in the last year to do that...and I took it very seriously with family, until they learned that I'm not in a "phase" but committed. Now, they support me fully. :D We had a family get-together this past weekend, and I could eat almost everything. They made a point to have a lot of vegetable-based dishes made with little fat, olive oil here and there,a nd roast turkey. I just skipped dessert and was fine. :)

    When folks see you're committed and not just playing at changing, they help you! It's good!

    Keep at it. Thanks for sharing.