Sunday, September 11, 2011

Harvest Crusade at Dodger Stadium

We went to the fashion district in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon and did a little shopping and then we went to the Harvest Crusade led by Greg Laurie ( It was at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  It didn't start until 6pm, but we got there just before 5pm to get seats and stuff.  We had never been to one and thought that would be early enough.  We were so wrong.We got there and the stage was set up in a ring around the bases.
All the seats where you could see the stage we already taken on the main level so we decided to try to go upstairs.  BIG MISTAKE.  We were literally stuck in the stairwell for a good ten minutes just trying to get up to the top.  It was so hot in the stairwells. We each had a kid on our hip and I thought I was going to sweat to death in there.  We never made it to the top.  We got fed up and went back down and just sat on the side.  The picture above is from our seats.  It wasn't so bad because there was a jumbo screen to see the action in the front.  We could also see the crowd this way which was kinda cool.  The stadium was pretty full.

There was good music and a good message.  The kids were pretty good through out.  Here are a couple pics of them.
Little Lady....I love my daddy.

Little can't see me. Don't take my picture.
At the end of the speech by Greg Laurie he gave the invitation for people to come down to the field to receive Christ or to renew commitments.  Well this is what happen in the next 20 or more minutes.
The Fire Marshall actually closed the field for more people to come down.  Pretty crazy.  I'm sure a lot of those people where friends or family of people who wanted to commit, but it was still pretty cool.  We left before the very end because we wanted to get out to the car and out of the parking lot before the masses ensued.  I think it was a pretty good decision.  It was a breeze leaving the parking lot.Overall a great time.

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  1. Ahh these pictures bring back such a flood of emotions and memories. In 1999 I was in that exact stadium and I was one of those people down on the field to be saved. I hope you all had an amazing night. Oh how I miss living in that area!