Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Workouts and Races

I’ve been really tired lately.  Yesterday my alarm went off at 5:05am so I could get up and do W11.1 for 5k in 100 days (run/walk) before work.  I turned off my alarm and next time I looked at my watch it was 5:22am.  For the next 10 minutes I contemplated not getting up and just sleeping in.  I played all the scenarios over in my head about how I could do it today instead and then my next one could be on Thursday night after work, etc.  Somehow I managed to convince myself to get up and just do it.  I left the house later than I should have because of this and got in 4 of my scheduled 5 intervals before I ran out of time.  I’m happy with that considering I was tired after the 4 intervals anyway.  After I did the workout I was glad I didn’t just sleep in.  Tomorrow I’ll get up early again to do W11.2.  I hope I don’t have as much trouble getting up tomorrow.
Yesterday was also my brother’s birthday so we all went to a steak house for dinner.  I ate pretty well there by ordering the chicken and steamed veggies, but I did partake in a little too much bread and a few bites of his birthday dessert.  My eating has been pretty good lately, but there is some room for improvement.
So my 5k in 100 days program ends on October 19th if I continue as the schedule shows, so last week my husband and I signed up for a 5k and a 10k.  I will do the 5k and he will do the 10k.  This 5k takes place on 11/6 and it fits in well with the 5k in 100 days end.  It even gives me a little more time if I decide to drag out these last few weeks if I feel I can’t keep upping my interval time.  However, today I signed up for the Run the Hood Virtual 5k/10k that is hosting.  When I saw the word virtual in the title I thought…huh? That is weird.  But when you sign up you will be sent a race t-shirt and when you finish and report your time you will receive a medal.  Who doesn’t want some race bling?  I think the biggest only reason I signed up was for the medal.  I can do a 5k any day of the week, but add a medal to the mix and you have reeled me in.  hahaha  If you want to participate you have to sign up my tomorrow 9/22/11.  The race is on 10/22/11 and I hope to do it in under 45 minutes.  That is the goal I have set for myself as of right now when I haven’t completed my 5k in 100 days program. 
Does anyone have any races set up in the near future?

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