Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shrinkvivor Week One, Initial weigh in

Hello all, Today is the start of Shrinkvivor.  I am part of team: 

My team mates are:
Mindy H, @mindyh74
Michelle P, @M_MPilcher
Sara R, @lifesawheeze
Jaemie G, @jaemie
Marla S, @castingon
Beth S, @Sahutske

I’m really looking forward to kicking some butt with these ladies.  I hope we are all ready for the challenge and ready to put the work in to achieve our goals.  With that being said, my official weigh in is:

This week our challenge is to log our exercise minutes.  The team with the most minutes will win immunity.  I’m going to have to step up my exercise. I get three days a week in now, but I’ll have to add some more.


  1. Woot! Good luck to ya all... I love purple it's my favorite, all shades:-) Tribe Peach for me but I'm rooting for ya just the same:-)

  2. Good Luck!!!

    Bonnie (Team Blue-Berry Muffin Tops)