Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge 2011 (CDCC)

Today is the start of the Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge 2011.  This challenge will be running for 14 weeks from September 11 through December 18th.  The goal of the challenge is to lose a dress size by the end of the 14 weeks.

My starting weight is 235.8.

I don’t really go anywhere to warrant a special Christmas dress so instead I have opted to find something in my closet that currently does not fit properly and make it look better on me.  I don’t know the size of this skirt because it doesn’t have a tag.  GRRR.  I was able to shove myself into the skirt to take this picture.

As you can see it does NOT fit well and I would not be wearing it anywhere right now.  My waist looks like a plump sausage in this outfit.  I managed to close the side zipper to take the picture, but I would not sit down for fear of breaking said zipper.  So my goal is to fit into this skirt much better and to be able to sit down in it without fear of ripping anything.  I would also like to reduce the belly so there isn’t a big roll there either.

The book I have chosen is called 100 Days of Weight Loss: The Secret to Being Successful on Any Diet Plan by Linda Spangle.  There are 100 daily reading/thinking activities to make you think about why you do things.  It is the perfect book since this challenge is 99 days.  Each day I will have something to do to work on myself.
It seems like 100 days is my magic number.  I have been working on 5k in 100 Days by Brad Gansberg and now this challenge is just shy of 100 days and the book has 100 days in its title.  It must be the perfect length of time to accomplish things.

Anyway, back to the challenge. 
I have set my caloric level at 1520 which is what My Fitness Pal suggests based on my weight and losing 1.5 pounds a week.  We will start there and see how it goes.  I also want to aim for at least 8 glasses of water a day, but hopefully more like 10 glasses a day.  I find that drinking enough water is hard for me.  I will be using My Fitness Pal to track the calories.

My exercise in the beginning will be a continuation of my 5k in 100 days program which will take me to the middle of October.  Then I may continue my runs with alternating some other form of exercise like bike, workout video etc.

So there you have it; my plan to get me through this challenge and into a smaller size.  I look forward to seeing how the other people do with this challenge.

P.s If you haven't already check out the Calphalon giveaway. Sorry to keep posting this, but I really want to win so I will continue to do so until 9/14.  hehe


  1. Good luck with the challenge! I´m doing it too and am pumped. Hopefully it will be THE thing I need to lose weight.
    I have a hard time drinking enough water too. Especially on weekends when I´m running around. I just forget.

  2. I am joining you in the challenge. We are going to feel much better in our dresses by Christmas!

  3. Cute skirt! The 100 days thing fits so nicely, you're going rock this!

  4. I am so looking forward to that skirt fitting PERFECTLY! Thanks so much for adding pics. That's fun to see! and...Off we go.

    And please link up this post's url to the linky I set up on the challenge blog!

  5. I cant wait to hear about the 'book'. Ive had it on my reading list for about 6 months now!!

  6. I like that skirt! Good luck with the challenge!

  7. You go girl. You can do this. I like that skirt. Good luck with this challenge.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  8. like the skirt! I think you will do great... you will probably lose so much you will need to buy a new skirt lol. Im here if you need anything!

  9. Awesome I will be following your progress. I finished my 5k in 10 days program and I have to tell you it's a great program and you are going to love the upcoming weeks! Take care and I hope to see you running off the pounds to fit in that skirt more comfortably by dec 18!

  10. Go! Go! Go! You can do it! Like One Chick said, you'll probably bypass the skirt and have to get a new one anyway!

  11. Good luck...I also set up mfp and it gave me 1530 cal which fell in my planned far I'm liking using it fairly well.

  12. I am excited to see that skirt fit you perfectly! I am sure you will do awesome. Please let me know how you like the book too, it sounds interesting!! Good luck!!