Friday, September 23, 2011

Skrinkvivor Tribes Announced

The Shrinkvivor tribes have been announced and I am on the Lilac tribe!  It starts with the first weigh in on Wed, September 28th.  Like I said before I really don’t know that much about what we will be doing but did a good post summing it up so I’m going to use most of her words now.
I know that there will be weekly fitness related challenges that we will need to complete to try to win immunity for our teams.  The challenges will be announced on Thursdays and then we have until the next Wednesday to complete them and report back with our weight for the week.
There were 144 people that wanted to participate this year so there are 20 teams.  Each week there is a losing tribe that has to vote off a member, or if they don’t want to vote, the one with the lowest percentage of weight lost goes and that person is put on Exile Island.  So, they aren’t out of the challenge but they will not be the ultimate Shrinkvivior and win some great prizes (and weight).  The Exile Islanders still have a chance of winning some prizes and the ultimate gift of shedding more pounds if they stick with it so they aren’t out by any means.
I think doing this challenge along with the CDCC one will just give me the extra push since there will be exercise challenges each week.  I hope my teammates are ready for the challenge and will give it their all.  I think last year the Shrinkvivor grand prize package was worth $1000.  Crazy right? 
Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll be back on Sunday with my CDCC weekly weigh in post.


  1. Looking forward to competing!!! Im on the white team!!

  2. The prize pack was worth $1000?! Ahhh, hellll no! Back on up girls, this one is MINE!

    ;) Just kidding. kind of. I'm on the Blue team. Looking forward to the challenge.

  3. Yay! So glad to be on your team!

  4. I'm peach, as you know:-) I can't wait for it to start.... I think it's gonna be fun!

  5. This looked like fun....but when I first read about it was too late. Maybe next year. Good luck to all of you on lasting.

  6. Stopping by to say hi to a fellow lilac member. This should be fun!