Friday, July 15, 2011


If anyone lives in SoCal then they must have heard of CARMAGEDDON happening this weekend.  The 405 freeway is going to be shut down for an entire weekend.  There is much angst involved with the people who live over there or need the freeway to commute.  I'm not one of those people, however I was looking at twitter this morning and saw the following link. Okay, go check it out, I'll be right here...promise.

Welcome back, so I think this is absolutely hilarious.  I am really excited to see who actually wins.  I am kind of guessing the plane will win considering when I looked up the addresses in google maps it said it would take a bike over 3 hours to do the route.  However, who knows how long the plane will be delayed or sitting on a runway waiting etc.  This is going to be exciting! 

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