Friday, July 1, 2011

Starting Somewhere

July 2007

May 2009

July 2010 (baby is 2 months old)
So everyone has to start somewhere and this is my somewhere.  I currently weigh 242.8.  At my heaviest I weighed 272 pounds although I was pregnant at the time.  There was a time many years ago when I weighed 270 and wasn’t pregnant.  I have to say I hate being this big, but it really is all I’ve known for as long as I can remember.  I don’t remember what my weight was when I was in middle school, but I do know that in high school I was in the 200’s.  The lowest weight I can remember in my adult life is 216.  Most of my extended family is overweight, we all love food, especially CHOCOLATE, and are pretty inactive people.  This is something I want to change.  I want to change this not only for myself, but for my kids.  I want to have the energy to run and play with them.  I want to be able to go on hikes with my husband and not complain that it will be too long or hard before I even start the hike.  I want my kids to grow up with good eating habits and active parents.  My husband is much more active then I am just due to his job alone.  He is up and down stairs all day and on his feet a lot.  I sit at a desk all day.  I must MAKE the time to exercise.  As you can see from my prior posts I am currently trying to MAKE the time.  Every day that I get up and exercise is one day closer to becoming more active and losing this weight.  I really think that starting this blog is going to keep me more accountable.  I just got my first follower yesterday.  I must say I was excited to get a follower.  Knowing that someone might be reading what I have to say and following my journey to lose weight and become more active will help keep me making better choices for myself.  Here are a few pictures of me in recent times.  They will become my “before” pictures to be left in the past and not brought into the future.  J

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