Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Weekend

I needed to finish my week 3 workout for 5k in 100 days so I set out with the kids in the stroller on Saturday morning.  5 minutes into my warmup and I was reminded why I don't like to take the kids on my workouts.  We barely got around the corner from home and Little Man states he has to go potty.  We have been working on potty training and I wasn't about to ignore his request to pee.  So I had to get him out of the stroller and do his business behind a bush.

So I put him back in the stroller all the while he is complaining he doesn't want to be in the stroller.  I plead with him that mommy is going to be walking really fast so he won't be able to keep up.  So off I go and not 5 minutes later. Little lady is crying, no doubt over something Little Man has done to her.  This peace and then crying happens the whole way.  I was constantly telling Little Man to give things back to Little Lady and not pushing her or sitting on her, etc.  I had to stop several times to restore peace to the stroller.

Not only was I with the kids on this workout it was the longest distance I have done so far.  I had about 20 minutes left in my workout and the kids finally crash out.  Ahhh peace has been restored to my workout.  I finish my workout in lovely silence. Here are a few pictures after the workout.
Me after the run.

Peace in the stroller

Later that morning we all went to the swapmeet to see if we could find a used double jogging stroller. No luck in that, but we saw some animals for sell.

We then went to lunch and picked up some clothes for my husband, then home for a nap.  Pretty nice day overall.

Today we woke up to rain.  It hasn't rained in awhile and it was a welcome addition to the day.  We went to Church, then lunch, then home for yet another afternoon nap.

My legs are a little sore from yesterdays workout.  I guess that's a good sign that I had a good workout.  Tomorrow starts week 4 of 5k in 100 days.  By workout three I will be running for 2 minutes at a time.  I still haven't managed to add in extra workouts the days I'm not running.  This is something I must do if I expect to lose more weight.  I would love to be in onederland by January!

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