Sunday, July 24, 2011

Do Life Meet Up

So I went to the Do Life Meet Up on Saturday.  It was awesome.  There were about 85 people or so who showed up to walk/ bike/ or run the 5k.  I walked half of it and the other half I did run / walk intervals for my 5k in 100 days training.  It's amazing the community feeling you get with complete strangers when you are all in one place for the same reason.  I didn't know any of the people there, but everyone was so friendly.  By having the Do Life shirt on I was part of a team.  Part of a group of people trying to be active and share that with others.  I was towards the end of the group to finish, but those who were done were cheering people on as they finished.


Only about one third of the people went to Panera Bread after the 5k to have lunch together.  We sat outside and got to know those people closest to us.  There was lots of talk of upcoming events people were training for and where people were from.  It was great.  

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  1. Thats awesome!!! Its been fun following him across the country!!