Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Hardest Part of the Day

I find that the hardest time for me is dinner.  This is especially true the nights my husband works and it’s just the kids and I.  Little Man is getting pickier these days and I have to find something that I think he will eat, but also be good for my 13 month old who only has 4 teeth.  As of late, my 13 month old is eating more than my 3 year old.  He used to eat pretty much whatever I gave him, but he is in that stage where he says he doesn’t like something without even trying it.  Anyway, the kids are usually a little clingy and whiny after I pick them up from daycare; so when the Husband is gone and I’m there alone with the kids I need a quick meal.  This usually leads to a meal that is less than stellar and thrown together.  I know I should be making something better for the family, but I just can’t stand the whining and crying while making dinner.  I need to find some easy go to recipes for these situations.  Do you have any healthy and easy go to meals?
On a side note, I didn't exercise this morning.  The kids had a rough night and I had lack of sleep two days in a row.  I vow to get up tomorrow morning and exercise!

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